Julia Michaels – Nervous System

IMG_8450She’s given us Issues.

She’s given us Uh Huh.

Now that singer songwriter Julia Michaels has released her mini-album Nervous System, she gives us another reason to fall in love with her songwriting.



In a league all on her own.

The seven-track mini-album contains upbeat anthems, slow dreamy ballads and heartfelt lyrics.

There’s so much that songwriters can gain from Julia Michaels.

As I mentioned in my Uh Huh review post,

Realized that Julia’s co-written on a number of tracks that I love.

Selena Gomez’s Body Heat, Bea Miller’s I Dare You, Britney Spears’ Do You Wanna Come Over? and Justin Bieber’s Sorry, anyone?

Here’s Nervous System.

1.) Issues
Sparse instrumentation.

2.) Uh Huh
I reviewed Uh Huh a few posts back.

A guitar line opens the song.

Descending bass line creates an addicting and catchy chord progression.


Imagery everywhere.

And real-world lyrics.

3.) Worst in Me
Starts slow. Beat picks up. Becomes an upbeat pop dance jam.

4.) Make It Up to You
Fast-paced. Backed with a kick beat. Fun. Not as memorable as other songs on this album.

5.) Just Do It
This number has a catchy bass line. Feel-good chord progression.

The chorus is fantastic. To the point. Sassy and classy.
So if you’re gonna do it
Then, baby, just do it
Don’t let me down gently
If you’re gonna do it
Then, baby, just do it
I’ll get over it eventually
The chorus shows Julia’s intensity and is a great reminder to listeners that while a relationship – or a situation may not turn out the way you want it too, if it won’t work in your heart’s favour, then it’s best to get it over with.

6.) Pink
Fast-paced bass hooks you right away. Let’s not forget the whispered chorus. No instrumentation. Just voice. When have you ever heard a whispered chorus? It’s exactly what you think. Creative songwriting genius.

7.) Don’t Wanna Think
Slow ballad. Stripped down to a singer and piano. The chorus gives you all the feels, with the vamping piano and Julia’s voice.

Beautiful contrast to the rest of the album. Raw emotion.

Stream her latest jams.

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