Something to Tell You – HAIM’s album is pop perfection


Pop music fan?

Then I’ve got something to tell you.

Haim’s latest album is pop perfection.

An American band, Haim consists of three sisters: Danielle Haim, Este Haim and Alana Haim.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to their latest album, Something To Tell You, have a listen. The album is pop, electronic dance music (edm) and fun.

Here’s my Something to Tell You album review:

1.) “Want You Back”

Released as a single prior to the album drop.

The vocal melody doesn’t span a wide range.

It’s a mid-tempo feel-good jam, especially in the chorus when the beat picks up.

2.) “Nothing’s Wrong”

Anthem. The dynamics (volume) drops to pure silence mid-song and then comes back. A fun element of surprise. You don’t often hear that in songs.

3.) “Little of Your Love”

Light and bright upbeat number. Synth strings and a kick drum.

4.) “Ready for You”

Dance percussion. “Ready for You” is quite rhythmic. Strong bass.

5.) “Something to Tell You”

The song opens with light percussion. Synth soundscape comes in. The chorus features bass and guitar. Gorgeous harmonies in the chorus.

6.) “You Never Knew”

Catchy intro. The repetition of the lyric “You never knew” in the chorus is addicting. The low vocals in the verse are a beautiful contrast with the higher pitches of the instrumentals. A low bass line comes in for the chorus. The higher-pitched vocals in the chorus are just as beautiful.

Dreamy percussive jam.

7.) “Kept Me Crying”

A solo instrumental line opens this number, followed by a bluesy rhythm section. The chorus features singing with only a clap beat backing the Haim sisters. Creative songwriting.

8.) “Found it in Silence”

Fast-driving strings open this number. The repetition of the lyric “Found it in silence” makes this song that much more sentimental. Full of tension.

9.) “Walking Away”

“Walking Away” is the album’s slow jam. The instrumental theme taunts and teases listeners. Seductive, sultry song.

10.) “Right Now”

Like “Want You Back”, “Right Now” was also released as a single prior to the album release. The intro is sparse. The chorus is catchy and upbeat.

11.) “Night So Long”

The album wraps up with a slower number.

Slow harmonic rhythm. You feel the bass line. It’s a great way to open a song. Big, Broadway-musical style. Dramatic build up. The verse melody is tight, building up tension. You get release in the chorus. Gorgeous harmonies.

If you need some fresh, feel-good pop jams to add to your playlist, stream Something to Tell You.

Let Haim’s glorious music consume you.

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