Betty Who – The Valley and epic dance pop

I can’t enough of Betty Who and her dance pop.
Her music is pop made epic.
She and her team of songwriters and producers create quality material.
The Australian pop singer-songwriter’s new album, The Valley, came out March 24.
If you’ve listened to her last album, Take Me When You Go, you’ll know that this musician has music listeners should celebrate.
Been addicted to her since her hit “Somebody Loves You”.
Betty Who co-wrote 11 of 13 tracks. Wrote one track solo. And covered the final track.
Here’s a track-by-track review from an addicted fan.
(1.) The Valley
Written by Betty Who, this number features 1 and a half minutes of a capella bliss. A background vocal supports Betty Who’s melody.
(2.) Some Kinda Wonderful

Given that the chorus serves as the song’s message, Some Kinda Wonderful’s chorus brings back the title through repetition in a brilliant way. Instead of repeating the title five consecutive times as some song choruses can do, Betty Who and her songwriting team give reason for the title to interweave throughout the chorus and come up naturally:

Feeling tonight
Some kinda wonderful
Feeling inside
Some kinda wonderful
You messed my life
It’s some kinda wonderful
We will always be
Some kinda wonderful.
This kinda writing is some kinda wonderful. Beautiful brilliance.
(3.) You Can Cry Tomorrow
A break-up song encouraging the heartbroken girl to forget the sad feelings, lift herself up with a fun night out, because she can cry tomorrow. Tomorrow serves as the song’s refrain like an effect or background vocal throughout.
(4.) Mama Say
 Lyrics describe someone who’s looking for love tonight. Percussive dance beat. What would your mama say?
(5.) Human Touch
Released as a single prior to the album release, Human Touch is a light, upbeat and playful dance number. Its acoustic version is a slow jam ballad. Love the contrast. Check out the videos below for a compare and contrast.



(6.) Free To Fly (feat. Warren G)
Opens with Warren G rapping. Betty Who sings of love gone wrong and looking for something new. She’s “free to fy”. The song alternates between rap and song.
(7.) Wanna Be
Mid-tempo. Moderate pulse. Bright and happy. Hopeful.
(8.) Pretend You’re Missing Me
This number opens with a whistle-like melody. Vocals backed by bass drum. Betty uses a fun octave leap in the chorus, letting us listen to her range in its high glory. Gorgeous.
(9.) Blue Heaven Midnight Crush
Fun title. I’ve never heard a title quite like that – a few words like that create a fun image.
Don’t you know I got a blue heaven midnight crush?
You know it’s bad when it’s a blue heaven midnight crush
Yeah, I’m in trouble ’cause a look never hurt this much
I got it bad, and you’re my blue heaven midnight crush
I got it bad, and you’re my blue heaven midnight crush
I got it bad, and you’re my blue heaven midnight crush.
(10.) Make You Memories 
The singer tells her love she’ll make him memories. The word memories is repeated throughout. She sings the melody faster than other numbers on the album. Backed by a light percussive beat. And a pop drop after the second chorus. Yes!
(11.) Reunion
Slowest jam on the album – at the songs starts. It speeds up to mid-tempo. The bass adds another dimension to the singer’s dream:
But now you’re smiling, I’m only human
Maybe I miss you every single day
It’s been a while, but in our reunion
I can’t remember why you went away.
(12.) Beautiful (feat. Superfruit)
Sounds like a ’90’s dance number. Fast-paced and upbeat, this feel-good anthem encourages all of us to celebrate that we’re beautiful.
(13.) I Love You Always Forever 
Donna Lewis cover. Dreamscape beauty. Betty Who makes the song hers – she’s creative in her songwriting, as the previous tracks show and she’s creative in her covers.
Betty Who and her team of songwriters and producers make pop music sound like an orchestra.
The Valley is Betty Who’s sound, using current elements of pop music – dance rhythms, percussive beats and pop drop – throughout her album.
The result?
A refreshing, electro-synth dreamy dace soundscape.
Get it.
Stream it.
Crank it.
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