Pentatonix Volume 4 – an a capella orchestra

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When a capella jams sound like an orchestra.

Pentatonix’s newest album, Volume 4 delivers the shivers.


Known for their covers of classics and Top 40 hits, Pentatonix consists of five singers: Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Avi Kaplan and Kevin K.O. Olusola. They’re all accomplished musicians and performers.


Pure magic.

Here’s the track listing for Pentatonix Volume 4:

(1.) Bohemian Rhapsody

Five minutes and 55 seconds of bohemian bliss.

Starting out as a ballad, Pentatonix croons away. As they alternate singing the main melody, the backup singers support the lead singer in a synth-string bed of haunting and beautiful smooth vocals.

The key lowers and the tempo speeds up and the group sings staccato. The mood lightens and brightens. The smooth melodic delivery lingers throughout and modulates back into the original key, back to the haunting and smooth ballad vocals.

Sassy and classy.

(2.) Imagine
This cover of John Lennon’s hit is a dream.

Starting out as a mellow slow jam, Pentatonix delivers soaring glorious lyrics.
Bass Avi Kaplan is the heartbeat of this number, supporting the group with his rich voice.

Gentle sentimental magic.


(3.) Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Kirstin,opens mimicking a bugle.
Avi sings a walking bass line.
Upbeat jazz.
Fun jam.
Tight harmonies.
I don’t often listen to jazz. But this fast jazz jam leaves me wanting more.

(4.) Over the Rainbow
Pentatonix make musical magic with this number.

Pentatonix makes this classic showtune their own.
A gentle slow ballad – each lyric in their rendition gives you the chills.
The vocals are glorious. They sing each note with passion and purpose.
(5.) Take On Me

This uptempo cover is high-energy, with harmonies, soaring soprano, and tenor melodies, beat-boxing, a warm mid-range and bass line unifying the piece.
Happy glory.
(6.) Can’t Help Falling in Love

The number opens with all five singers singing the vocal melody, rather than splitting the parts between vocal line and instrumental lines.
Only fools rush in.
This cover is a slow-mo dream.
(7.) Jolene (feat. Dolly Parton)Let’s hear it for the Jolene jam featuring Dolly Parton. This country classic from the creative Queen of Country, released a while ago has been recorded as a video, performed live and has won a Grammy Award. It’s a beautiful rendition of a beautiful song.http://a%20href=So if you’re not already a die-hard Pentatonix fan or a capella fan, why should listen to a capella music?

Songs are relate-able.

People love something they can sing along to.

Instrumental music doesn’t have that same impact.

The lyrics can be anything.

People love a melody that’s easy for them to sing along to.

It’s amazing what the human voice can do.

And Pentatonix brings creativity to their album. Each song they cover is a work of art.


Pentatonix Volume 4 – Classics – illustrates Pentatonix’s artistry – they are all accomplished musicians. And Pentatonix’s musicality and originality shows through each track.

Get the album.

Stream the jams.

Celebrate song in all its glory.

Listen to the harmonies.

Let Pentatonix blow you away.
And sing along.
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