Why music matters – creativity, healing and inspiration

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Did you catch the 2017 JUNOS?
Music night in Canada.
Music’s biggest night in Canada.
Maple leaf music inspiration?
I think so!
While the JUNOS celebrates well-known artists–Celine Dion, The Weekend, Sia, Drake, Shawn Mendes and the late Leonard Cohen were all nominated–and the beautiful late and great Leonard Cohen received album of the year.
In addition to celebrating music made by Canadians, the JUNOS also celebrates Canada’s diversity. Nomination categories include Francophone Album of the Year, Indigenous Album of the Year and World Music Album of the Year.
As a Canadian, I’m so Canada proud of everyone. And excited to see just how much everyone loves and appreciates Canadian-made music.
Prime Minsiter Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau paid tribute to all the nominees and the late Lenoard Cohen.
Presenters, JUNO winners and the Prime Minister and his wife all spoke of what music does – for community.
Music celebrates diversity. All the nominees are accomplished in their respective category – performers, singers, instrumentalists, songwriters, composers, producers – they all do music justice.
What do the JUNOS do for music and creativity?
Creativity is not black and white. Creativity is grey. There’s no right or wrong answer. Creativity is about interpretation. What does this mean to you? What do you have to say about this?
While music that has achieved commercial success may be more well known, don’t rule out that not as well-known music. Popular music has lots of great characteristics. A fast-driving beat in fast songs. A catchy rhythm in ballads or slow jams, maybe with a steady drum beat. And traits like those can be great tools for writing music. Songwriters rely on common tools like those.
Are singers singing in a different style than something you have listened to before? Are there different instruments being used? Does it create a new type of sound? Something you haven’t quite heard before?
Acoustic and electronic. Both are amazing.
Electronic dance music has gained and continues to grow in popularity.
This age offers us so many creative opportunities.
At the end of the day, regardless of what the music medium or title is – singer, instrumentalist, performer, songwriter, composer, producer, it’s musicians making music.
Singers bring their big and beautiful voices.
Instrumentalists play their instruments and you fall under their spell.
Songwriters write songs.
There’s room for all of it. And we need to celebrate all of it.
Because music matters.
Music matters because creativity matters.
Giving people a healthy escape matters.
Healing the world through music matters.
Ideas ignite inspiration.
Or inspiration ignites ideas.
You decide.
Let the inspiration fuel your creative fire.
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