10 ways to avoid creative burnout


This is it. You’re in love with your craft.

Like an obsession.

Writing ideas down every chance you get.

Forgetting about everything else.

Interrupting whatever you’re doing when you get an idea to catch it before it flies away.

Making time for studying your craft – reading, listening to music, whatever – anything that helps you advance.

And creativity grants no mercy once you give it your all.

You’re addicted.

And you want to keep going.

But between a busy work or school life and maintaining some sense of a personal life – time with family and friends, it gets a little hectic.

So when you’re burning the candle at both ends for your art, here’s 10 ways to avoid creative burnout.

  1. Take some time to get to know you. Who are you? What do you like? What are your habits?
  2. Figure out hacks to cope with crazy. I thank God for coffee. If I’ve got a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning, I can conquer a creative goal.
  1. Boost and maintain your energy. Make sure you fuel up with healthy food so you’ve got energy to write. When I’m hungry and I need to work, it takes everything I’ve got to concentrate. I’m a completely different person when I’m hungry. When I’ve had something healthy and substantial to eat, I’m ready to take on the world.
  1. Hydrate.You’re a human being. We people need to drink water. Bonus if it’s lemon water. Flavourful and helps cleanse your system.
  1. Breathe. Fresh air. Get out and walk. Nature brings us all back to stillness and helps us keep life in perspective.
  1. Work on what your project needs-even if it isn’t what you want to be working on. Some parts of writing are more fun than others. Some parts you love. Some parts you don’t love. By working on what you need, you’ll get something done. A bit of productivity is better than no productivity.
  1. Balance. Devoting time to writing, music or art is necessary to achieving results, but remember that your creative life is one part of your life. You still need room for work, school, family, friends and everything else.
  1. Rest. When you feel like you’re losing your sanity, take time to nurture your soul. Plan for a nothing day or lazy day. Chances are, you’re tired, and the lack of sleep and too-much adrenaline are factors.
  1.  Don’t beat yourself up if you’re having a bad day. Forgive yourself if you’re having a bad writing daySome days, it feels like you’re on fire. Some days, it’s a miracle if you can crank out a phrase that sounds good or works.
  1. Remember why you love it. Remember when you were a kid – or littler than you are now, and writing was more fun than anything else? Don’t lose the love. You don’t need to feel in love with it every writing moment, but if you’re not in love with it most of time, something’s wrong.

Avoid creative burnout. Take care of you so the creativity can keep flowing.

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