6 ways to use your creative intuition


Got a feeling?

Trust your creative intuition. Gut. Instinct.

First thought?


Our intuition is designed to tell us something-to warn us before we do something stupid, to advise us when we’re unsure. Like a sixth sense.


So here’s six ways to use your intuition when you’re creating something.

(1.)  Write your first thought. No judgement allowed. Get your idea down.

(2.)  Structure. This may seem to go against intuition and feeling, but here’s a thought: If you plan your story or song, this structure will guide your process. Structure may seem the opposite of intuition, as it forces you to work within certain parameters. But having certain parameters can force you to think more creatively. It can narrow your possibilities and as a result, force you to make a decision to move on with getting your project done.

Okay—girl likes boy but boy likes new girl—we’re ending the story or song with her hanging up her phone, thinking, “I’m still hung up on you.”

There you go—structure—gets the wheels in your head turning, and with a small list of scenarios, you can narrow down your decision and say, “Here’s what we’re doing.”

(3.) Focus on your feelings. And then narrow it down to one-what feeling do you want to communicate through your art?

(4.) Seek silence. Turn off the noise. Forget the phones. Turn off the TV. Stop checking social media.

(5.) Understand that confusion is only an illusion. Intuition is feeling. Our brain thinks about feelings, but our body feels feelings. Our thoughts can create confusion. Feeling brings a question back to a clear answer. How does an idea make you feel? Does it tell the story you need or want to tell?

(6.) Breathe. Inhale the good. Exhale the bad.

Don’t overthink it.

We spend so much time thinking would, could, should.

Time keeps ticking on.

So trust your intuition when you’re writing. Stories, novels, songs – any form of creative writing – any form of art.

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