Chapter One: Blue – creative lessons from Bea Miller


Chapter One: Blue.

Sounds like sentimental slow jams.

Have you listened yet?

I’m talking about warrior princess singer-songwriter Bea Miller and her new EP.

Epic beauty.

Feminine jams.

Released in a three-song EP on Friday (February 24).

I discovered Bea Miller when I read Jennifer Donnelly’s book, Deep Blue. Bea sang a song to help showcase Jennifer Donnelly’s novel. I caught a YouTube video.

So I listened.

Got hooked.


And then listened to her EP, Young Blood.

Bought Not an Apology when it came out. With fiery, fast-paced, feminist anthems on her last CD – Not an Apology brings refreshing energy to pop music—especially to women in music.

She’s released a single since then – Yes Girl – a song celebrating and empowering females.

Chapter One: Blue shows listeners another side to the rising star.



We’re hooked to a fast-pace.

Fast-paced music only encourages that.

I’m guilty of it, too—and I need to force myself to take a breath and listen to slow-tempo music—living life in the fast lane.

So with each of her songs on her EP Chapter One: Blue, here’s three lessons songwriters and writers can learn from Bea Miller.

(1.) Song Like You.

Like internal monologue. When your mind obsesses.

“A song like you
Is a ripple of the waves
That rises to a hurricane
Oh woah, oh oh, oh woah
A song like you is a whispered lullaby
That’s drowned out by a baby’s cry
Oh woah, oh oh, oh woah.”

Passion on repeat. With a kick beat.

Sometimes, you need to let your creative self take over and let the feelings out.

(2.) Burning Bridges

Breakup recovery?

Not yet. Right now, the feels are too real.

“Now I’m drowning underneath the water that was under me
I’m still screaming that I need you (need you)
(I can’t help it that I need you)

Burn the bridges, burn them down, down, down, down, down
Burn the bridges, burn them down, down, down, down, down, down.”

Heartbreak and heartache. Because life isn’t always happy.

Live in the moment.

This is the moment. This is what I’m feeling. And it’s too much.

(3.) I Can’t Breathe

Steady slower ballad.


Slow down and feel the real feels.

Ebb and flow.

Fast and slow.

Feel it. Good and bad. Happy and sad.

Bea’s last album, Not an Apology, is high-energy upbeat inspiration.

Chapter One: Blue channels creative energy in a different way through showing a more sentimental side.

Bea Miller reminds us of the importance of balance.

Creative balance—and personal balance.

Bea Miller’s music is not light pop—she uses guitars. She uses drums.

There’s crossover—pop-rock.

She makes songs epic.



She reminds us what songs should sound like.

She reminds us what creation should be like.

So if you haven’t listened to her, do yourself a great big favour and check her out.

You won’t be disappointed.

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