4 reasons to keep a journal


Dear Diary. Today was just so awful. That cute guy—or girl—didn’t notice me—again.

Yeah. Got it. Your journal’s a great place to be a drama queen or king—if need be.

Expressing your feelings of the moment aren’t the only thing a journal’s good for.

Writers and songwriters, journals are great for creative types like you. Musicians and artists, you can benefit from journals, too.

Non-writers and those of you who don’t think you’re creative? You can benefit from journaling, too.

So here’s four reasons why you should keep a journal.

1. Writing feelings are healing. Had a bad day? Write it down. Had a great day? Write it down. Got an idea and need to flesh it out? Write it down. Sometimes you might need a Dear-Diary moment, but journals are great for getting ideas down, too. Write your feelings and down and let your journal deal with them until you’ve got time to get back to them again.

2. Organize your thoughts. Vent to your journal. Let it out and then figure it out.

3. If you make journaling a habit for your art, it can help tap into a creative mindset—help get you into the creative zone. All the time. It’s a chance to brainstorm your ideas. Don’t judge them as good or bad as they come from you onto the page. Right now, they’re just ideas. Ramble for a bit. Let your mind wander. You may not have time to elaborate much on those ideas in that moment, but getting the ideas down gives you something to go off of later, when you’ve got more time.

4. Self-expression and communication. Journaling keeps you writing and the skills gained from journaling can be transferred to other mediums. Writing is great for a whole lot of mediums—need to plan a conversation with someone? Write a draft script to guide you. Miss a friend? Write them an email. Journaling is a great foundation for all sorts of writing and self-expression.

So go get yourself a journal. Want something fancy with intricate designs and bright colours? Go fancy. Want a little pocketbook? Go for little pocketbook. Want a simple notebook? Go for simple notebook? Want a book without lines? Go for a book without lines.

I’ve got a big book beside my bed, another one with no lines at the desk for squiggles and giggles—you know, when bursts of inspiration strike—and a lined pocketbook for words and pocketbook for music notation in my purse.

If you’ve abandoned journaling, get back to it.

If you journal, keep the routine.

If you don’t journal, get started.

Keep up your creative flow!

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