When ideas write themselves – 3 tips to make creative time flow

makeandtaketimeTick, tock.

How much time do you have? Probably not enough to sit down at your computer for four hours a day and let your fingers fly on the keyboard.

Creation – taking an idea and turning it into something – is more thought and planning than it is physically crafting your art.

Plans are gold – once you’ve got a plan, you’ve got a roadmap – I’ve mentioned that in earlier posts.

If I think about the amount of writing I want to do but can’t do because of time constraints – words, music – doesn’t matter – my chest tightens. My heart beats a bit faster. When are you going to get it done? I ask myself.

When I’m creating something, I love that moment when the idea writes itself. I love that moment when the words take over and all I’m doing is letting the pen run across the page or the fingers fly on the keyboard.

Forget asking when you’re going to get it done.

How do you get to when the idea writes itself?

Turn when am I going to get it done into what can I do to get a little bit done today?

Here’s 3 tips to make the production time flow.

  1. Get your idea down – the essence – the small blurb – like a small executive summary for you to refer to as you work. Make sure your work keeps going back to this summary – your message.
  2. Write the plan – with all the creative details in place – much easier said than done, I know – but once you have this, your work is cut out for you. Once I’ve got a plan, the project will write itself – all you need then is to make time to get it done. Which brings me to the final tip…
  3. Commit to time. Figure out how much time you can realistically commit to getting your project done. Half-an-hour a day. An hour a day. Whatever works for your schedule.

Forget about inspiration.

Bring your motivation.

Get the idea. Write the plan. Take time. Make time.


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