Create your 2017

img_3060Got your 2017 resolutions set?

Feel the new year inspiration?

Need some new year motivation?

Rock 2017 by setting some goals to achieve those resolutions.

I’ve got a few resolutions, myself. Drink more lemon water, exercise more—better health gives more energy for creativity—and make more time for my creative life.

What we all wouldn’t give for more time, right?

If you want to get stuff done, you need to invest that time.

Art is epic. So don’t try and conquer it all in one night.

As a creative person, you owe your creative life time to create.

Do something. Every day. Yeah, you may not feel like it. Long day at work. Errands.

On and on it goes. You may not have time to do a lot, but do something. Even if it’s something small. Maybe it’s something mindless, like formatting your work, or an easy edit—something you can do with music playing in the background to keep you awake.

Rock 2017 by setting some creative goals. Create a deadline—tell yourself you need to get X amount done by the end of the week in order to have Y amount complete by the end of the month.

Share you creative goal with someone. Tell a friend or family member you’re working on a project—or, if they know you’re working on it and ask about it, mention what you’re doing—writing or editing—and say when you want to be done by. Now that you’ve verbalized it, that verbalization can help you reach your goal.

Then keep at ‘er. If you want to see the finish line, you need to plug away. One step at a time.

So here’s to 2017. New year. New possibilities.

Make 2017 be your year of commitment to creativity.

Make it epic.

Make it count.


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