Chill – 7 tips to recharge your creative spark

fullsizerender-10It’s that time of year.

In the middle of the busy Christmas season, take some time to chill. Let your creative spark cool off.

Oh, but you’re hooked on the creative drive to feel alive.

Drive is good. Drive helps you get ‘er done.

But you are the vehicle. Your body is the vessel that channels your creative energy.

You are a human being. Not a robot.

So this holiday season, take a break.

In the middle of the busy, find a moment of peace – to help you save your sanity.

  1. Do nothing.

Nothing? Really? Nothing. Really. YES. Nothing. Fidget. Scratch the dog’s ears. Listen to music. Stop thinking about everything you want/should get done.

  1. Relaxing rituals. A bath. A cuppa tea. Extra sleep. Movies. Find silence. Brew a cuppa tea – mint is magical, by the way – and sit by the fire with a book. A book you want to read, not should read.
  1. Shut off technology.

The last thing you need after a busy year is a techno buzz. Forget it for a while. Take a techno break and enjoy some face-to-face time with people.

  1. Get back to nature.

Yeah, the weather outside might be frightful this time of year. Bundle up, wrap yourself up in an extra scarf if you can’t deal with the cold and breathe.

  1. Take some you time.

Extrovert? Maybe you need social time with friends you haven’t gotten to see in a while. Introvert? Maybe you need alone time. Whatever that looks like for you.

  1. Feel. Focus on feelings. Forget about things. Possessions are obsessions. Feelings are healing.
  1. Reflect.

What have you liked about the past year and your creative endeavours? What do you want to do more of? And take time to dream.

What do you want in 2017? A healthier lifestyle? More time to create? A more balanced life?

So, before the new year begins, bring it back to love.

Take care of you.

Let the slow pace heal your adrenalized soul.

Nurture you before the new year.

Go into 2017 feeling fresh and ready to go.

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