Snowflakes: Healing through music


Music heals.

When you get right down to it, that’s why we all listen to music. Music makes us feel. Happy, sad, angry, relaxed – whatever the emotion, music makes us feel.

And in helping us feel, music heals us.

Last post, I talked about some female artists – singers, songwriters and composers – nominated for the 2017 Grammys.

I also touched on how music heals.

There’s some beautiful up-and-coming artists – who create music to heal others and lift others up.

Let’s talk about songs in general for a moment. Often, I love a fast beat – I’m addicted to a fast tempo. Fast songs are often fun, and happy and leave you feeling inspired and hopeful.

Ballads, by contrast, can also create the same feeling.

Maddi Jane is a classic example of an artist who writes to inspire and heal.

Became a fan ever since I saw her video cover of Taylor Swift’s Mine. I’ve been following her music since then.

Maddi Jane’s original songs focus on healing – check out Barricade if you haven’t heard it.

Her latest song, Snowflakes, an original Christmas song, talks about how people are all unique like snowflakes.

Life is hard enough as it is. A bad day – even if it’s the smallest thing that gets us upset – can get us pretty down sometimes.

If music can lift us up. Songs like Snowflakes are a reminder that music heals us.

Like snowflakes, Maddi Jane sings, you are “not like anybody else” and to “take your time”. Go at your own pace.

The world loves to categorize and organize by putting a label on things. Labels on containers. Labels on binders. Labels on people.

But people?

We people need love.

The world needs love.

Snowflakes celebrates all of us – our uniqueness – that we don’t have to identify as part of this group or that group. We’re all different. And that’s wonderful.

Here’s Maddi’s video for your holiday music pleasure.

And get the single for a sentimental snowflake jam.

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