14 reasons to listen to and love Lady Gaga’s Joanne

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-11-34-35-amHave you fallen in love with Lady Gaga’s new album yet?

I can’t get enough. I’ve had Lady Gaga’s Joanne on constant repeat since it came out at the end of October.

So I thought I’d review the album. Beat by beat. No, just kidding – track by track.

Here’s 14 reasons to listen to and love Lady Gaga’s Joanne.

  1. Diamond Heart. Fast-paced anthem. Drums and bass create a solid pulse for Gaga’s voice and melody. Invites you in to the rest of the album.
  2. AY-O – Pop-hiphop crossover. Not as catchy as other numbers on the album, yet fun, including for those of us who aren’t hardcore hiphop fans.
  3. Joanne. The album’s title track – Gaga’s most personal track on the album, is a gorgeous G major acoustic guitar mid-tempo ballad that reminds listeners that people’s energy still lives on after they pass away.
  4. John Wayne – edgiest track on the album backed with guitars for a heavier instrumentation. Defiant. Intense.
  5. Dancin’ in Circles – playful haunting C minor track with a catchy chorus.
  6. Perfect Illusion – a rock vibe – defiant sure-to-get-stuck-in-your-head chorus. The instrumentation sounds similar to Gaga’s Born This Way album.
  7. Million Reasons – listen to the album for this song. Opening with gentle C major progressions – soaring vocals.
  8. Sinner’s Prayer. This up-tempo number, with addicting descending bass lines and vocal melody is a fun sing.
  9. Come to Mama – Nurturing. Giving love. Spreading love and light. What Lady Gaga lives for.
  10. Hey Girl (featuring Florence Welch) Slow to mid-tempo.
  11. Angel Down – if Joanne is the most personal track, Angel Down is the most universal track on the album. Narrated in the first person, Gaga sings she’d “rather save an angel down”. Chilling. Sentimental. Beautiful. Serenaded by strings and a slow tempo.
  12. Grigio Girls – With alliteration unifying the message of the song – Pinot Grigio Girls – this is an upbeat and hopeful number. Sing-able melody.
  13. Just Another Day – The chorus melody serves as the intro to the end track-instrumental in the bridge – an interlude – instead of singing.
  14. Angel Down (Work Tape) In C major, a minor third higher than the final recorded version – the work tape is just as beautiful as the final product, with Gaga’s vocals backed by piano.

Overall, the sound is lighter – almost folkier – compared to her 2014 album Born This Way. I love the melodies. They’re easy to learn, easy to sing – and make an early morning or late afternoon commute painless!

So if you haven’t had the chance to listen to the entire album, do yourself a favour and get Lady Gaga’s Joanne. You won’t be disappointed.

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