Devotion to emotion – writing all the feels


Writers, musicians and artists are feely-types.

Connected to their feelings.

Connected to their emotions.


Good. If you’re a writer or musician – an artist – you should be.

Stories reflect reality. People want something they can relate to.

Draw on your experience to make your story feel like the real deal to your readers and listeners.

When you’re sick, for example, you’re focused on how you’re feeling – sore throat, congestion, headache, upset stomach. You’re aware of how you’re feeling. Physical discomfort and pain can force you to be aware of your feelings.

Emotions are like that, too. Tap into your emotions as needed. Experience helps here. Do you know the experience? Have you had a similar experience? Do you know someone who has had the experience? Is the experience alien to you? Maybe you’ve had the experience. Maybe not.

Awareness. Understanding. Sympathy and compassion for others is beautiful. Empathy is understanding.

Think of an experience you’ve had that can help communicate the feeling.

Connect to feeling. Make it real.

Memories. Call upon them. Feel them. Again. And Again. And maybe one more time.

Channel that out onto paper. But don’t let it control your whole life. Feelings come and go in cycles. Call the feelings back when you need to.

Feel it.

Channel it.

Pour it out.

Let it go.

Devotion to emotion in writing? Devotion to emotion in music? Feeling.

So if you’re struggling to create relatable content? Emote.

Feel the feels.


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