Sit still and listen to Daya


Sometimes you stumble across a new-to-you artist.

You listen to a few lines…and the rest is pure magic.

In this case?

Rising pop artist Daya.

Found her on iTunes one day when I was looking for some pop music. Her EP was epic.

So when she released her LP, Sit Still, Look Pretty, I was thrilled.

Here’s a review – and some lessons that writers and songwriters can learn from Daya’s music.

Album: Sit Still, Look Pretty

1.) Dare

Bass. And shivers. Contrasted with a light clap beat.

2.) Legendary.

Hope. Light. Happiness. Glory. With a kick beat. The chorus lifts you up. This song is a spiritual serenade.

3.) I.C.Y.M.I

The love is over. And he doesn’t get it. So Daya tells it like it is. Just the facts.

4.) Thirsty

Playful metaphor. With a sassy and brassy kick. Steaz, please!

5.) Love of My Life

Simple percussive bass line. Sweet happy melody. Backed by brass and strings in the chorus.

6.) Hide Away

Opens sort of introspective. Steady synth 8th-note pulse. Accompanied by defiant strings in the chorus and descending bass line.

7.) Cool

Upbeat casual mid-to-uptempo jam. Keeping it calm, cool and collected.

8.) Sit Still, Look Pretty.

The album’s title track – Feminist anthem.

Celebrating and encouraging women and girls to not hold back – not to sit still and look pretty.

9.) Talk

Toms open this number with a light instrumental background – a contrast from how other songs open on the album. Her voice sounds conversational. Sharing that she’s true to her in her style of dress to her approach to life – and “might as well give ‘em something to talk about”.

10.) U12

Beautiful. Bold. Brass.

This number begs her love interest to profess love. Big sound. If you’ve listened to orchestras, you’ll know what I mean.

11.) Words

Instead of letting words get in the way, feel the love. Playful percussion.

12.) Back to Me

Percussion. A hint of strings. Sentimental ballad. Percussion plays fast and the strings balance the percussion, creating an illusion of slow jam.

13.) Got the Feeling

Holding on to love. Synthesized strings. With a light bounce.

14.) We Are

This chant celebrates doing what we’re born to do. Bass. Strings. Drums. Everything a fun and confident anthem should be.

Electric pop. Orchestra shivers.

Daya’s voice, melodies and lyrics inspire creative flow.

Don’t sit still. Get Daya’s album.

You won’t be disappointed.

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