Thank the creative muse

makeyourmiracleThe fall feeling is official.

So when you’re curled up in a chair with a cup of tea, or sitting by the fire listening to the rain, maybe spending some time thinking about your current creative project this Canadian Thanksgiving – we celebrate in October, Americans – thank the creative muse.

 Overwhelmed by creative energy?

That happens.

Feel the feeling.

And release.

Forget the stress that can come with overwhelming creative energy.

Turn it around.

Thank the creative muse.

In some moments, creativity can seem like a curse.

But in reality, it’s a blessing.


A creative blessing is a brain on overdrive.

Because a brain on overdrive gives you ideas.

Because ideas lead to inspiration.

Because inspiration leads to creation.

Creativity is a privilege. Creativity is a response to life. Instead of feeling confused, blocked, uninspired or unsure of what to do, you’re better off to pick an idea and go with it.

So cut yourself some humble pie – less calories than pumpkin pie – and a bit more productive and create space to create.

Nurture the creative muse.

If you choose to nurture the creative muse, creativity will reward you a million times over.

So whether you’re making a living at your craft or not – if it’s a hobby, a job or a passion, don’t forget that it all comes down to this:

Bringing it back to something simple.

You and the page. And an urge to purge your energy.

Begin with one word.

And explode from there.

Make your miracle.

Create your art.

Share it with the world.

It’s bigger than all of us.

Behold the untold words.

Inspiration you haven’t heard.

Sometimes there are no words.

But through all of it thank the creative muse.

Celebrate and create.

Creative confession: I’ve got an obsession with expression.

Not a day goes by when your brain’s on overdrive.

You need to create to feel like you’re alive.

Survive life’s insanity.

By giving back to humanity

Through music, art and words.

Thank the creative muse.

And create.

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