Creative flow – Happy messy bliss

messyhappyblisstwRoutine reaps results?

Yeah. Sure.

Knowing how to get ‘er done is good – if you want to create, you need to produce.

But living life in the fast lane 24/7 is not fun.

Balance that fast-lane life off with a few moments of peace.

And then there’s the everyday. The treadmill of work life – or school life. The daily grind.

And that nagging feeling at the back of your mind that you should be serious about your writing.

That when it’s pen to page time, you must be in a productive zone.

No time for goofing off.

Here’s a thought: Forget the routine.

For a moment.

Forget responsibility for a few minutes.

Your inner creative child needs to play.

Creative flow.

Happy messy bliss.

Remember when you got lost in your own world?

Maybe as a kid, maybe as an adult?

Forgot about everything and everyone around you?

To keep your creative spark burning, you still need to make time to escape from reality.

If only for a moment.

Give yourself that time.

You deserve it.

Write for the joy. Play for the joy. Create for the joy.

That might mean ignoring that little voice in your head that judges a slow pace as bad.

Balancing your creative life is important, too.

You don’t want to drain your creative energy.

And if you’re feeling you’re creative energy is drained, you can bring it back to balance.


Clear your creative brain from the clutter. The thoughts from yesterday. The thoughts about tomorrow. The “I should be producing this.” Getting ‘er done is important. But space to let you creativity wander is important, too. It’s part of nurturing your creative spark.

So every once in a while, instead of treating your creative time like a 9 to 5 job, let yourself slow down and enjoy the creative process.

Creative flow.

Happy messy bliss.

Bring it back to love.

Refuel your creative fire.

Your creative soul will thank you.

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