How to create a routine

routinereapsresultsThe days are cooler. Rain falls in the mornings. The leaves change colours.

Don’t know if I’m 100% ready for the fall feeling.

But, hey – if you’re spending more time inside, it’s the perfect chance to create a writing routine or get back into your writing routine.

Routine. That glorious daily grind. Day in. Day out. Going through the motions. The grind may not be as fun as a barrel of monkeys. But how else are you going to get ‘er done?

If you want results, you need a routine.


Routine reaps results.

The final product comes from hours of sweat.

But that doesn’t mean that you need to have a writing marathon every day.

Here’s three ways to help create a routine.

1. Know your body.

Do you get cranky when you’re hungry? Guilty.

Do you think best in the morning? With a cup of coffee? (I can’t function without it.)  You could get hooked on pumpkin spice lattes – I’ve got a slight dairy allergy – I’ll pass on the lattes.But hey, if it’s part of your routine, go for it.

Do you think best at night? (Maybe with coffee – but I don’t usually – but to each, their own.)

Find what works for you. Awareness of your body will help you use your peak energy times to your creative advantage.

2. Create some space.

It could be getting up earlier before work or school or cutting down on reading, TV, or social time in the evenings. If you want to see your finished novel, song, or project, you need to invest the time.

3. Get real.

Set realistic goals. You might spend one 30-minute writing session writing or editing a paragraph for a story or re-writing the verse of a song.

Creativity can seem overwhelming.

Your lifestyle is what it is in this moment. You may not have a lot of time. Work with what you’ve got.

By setting a routine, knowing what time of day works best for you, creating space to write and setting realistic goals, you will see the project through and get ‘er done.



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