7 reasons to scratch your creative itch

scratchtheitchtwThere’s daily life and then there’s the creative life.

Dueling dual lives. The story of living a creative life.

Writers, musicians, artists – you know who you are.

Making time for writing isn’t always easy.

But if I abandon my stuff for too long, I start feeling itchy. Restless.

That feeling that you need to get back to creating right now.

You could choose to ignore it.

Feeling itchy? Here’s seven reasons why you need to scratch the creative itch.

7. Because listening to others gives us ideas. Life is interesting. Creative arts responds to life.

6. Because taking in ideas from around us isn’t enough. You get ideas. And you need to make something. And the energy inside you builds. Like tension. And like music, the tension must release.

5. We’ve all got something to say. Creative arts give us an outlet to make a statement.

4. You take in all this energy from the world around you.And the energy inside you builds. Like tension. And it builds and builds until you need to let that energy go – and you let it go by making something. And like music, the tension must release. It’s kind of like crying. Releasing that tension makes you feel better afterwards.

3. Listening to your ideas manifests more ideas. Once you start writing your ideas down – or recording or sketching – whatever your art – you start getting more ideas. Investing time in creating helps you tap into the creative flow quicker because you make it a habit.

2.Creation is a healthy and natural source of happy! Writing makes me happy – if I don’t write stuff-whether I’m scribbling words or melodies – I get cranky. When I get even a little bit of writing in, I’m happy. So boost your mood with daily creative time.

1. Life is short.

There’s seven reasons to scratch your creative itch. One for every day of the week!

Don’t waste your time not making time to create.


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