Healthy habits for a creative life


Balance is the key to life, I’ve heard.

Moderation. Some of this. Some of that.

I agree. And I try to live my life as close to balance as possible.

Easier said than done.

I’d love to always be in yin yang mode. I feel better living close to balance.

But that’s not always realistic.

And we’ve only got 24 hours every day.

We can’t buy more time to write.

That’s why maintaining your health is critical.

You’ve only got one body.

Your healthy body fuels your creative life.

What does getting that energy look like?

Going back to basics.


  1. Nothing like good old-fashioned fruits and vegetables.

Okay, so I favour fruits over vegetables. Eat well is fundamental to giving yourself and maintaining your energy to create. Breakfast, too. I tend not to eat first thing in the morning. Find what works for you. I find I’m hungry in an hour when I have a banana – there’s lots of carbs. But hey, if bananas work for you, they work for you. Berries don’t have so many carbs – but they don’t keep my energy up for long.

Apples are a great compromise. They’ve got a long shelf life and they boost your blood sugar – I’m so much more awake after I have two apples in the morning.

Smoothies are great, too – fruits with kale and spinach – ladies, the iron is great stuff! I love a drink of green goodness.


  1. Water. With a twist.

 I’m a big fan of lemon-water. It’s said to be a good detox – good for clearing acne, good for cleaning your system. And hey – it tastes good – if hydration motivation works, why not use it?

Drink some when you wake up. Make a point to keep a water bottle by your desk and drink and refill it throughout the day.

I feel way more awake when I drink water throughout the day than when I don’t.


  1. Charge your creativity with caffeine.

Nothing like a good cup of coffee to start the day. Got my energy up for early morning high school band class. And if I need to boost my concentration first thing in the morning. Coffee’s my go-to.

I don’t like to drink too much coffee.

There’s also natural stimulation.


  1. Music. Crank up the tunes.

Fast-paced pop or rock – musicians, you’ll know this – the fast driving 8th-note pulse-is a great natural motivator. Oh, and it’s much more fun with big headphones than tiny earbuds. Big sound. Epic experience.

Music lifts your energy and boosts your mood. Create a fast-tempo playlist or use someone’s playlist – it’s an easy way to give yourself a bit more energy – or motivation, whatever you want to call it – to get through your project.



  1. Exercise.

Don’t stress it – sweat it.

Sweat it out.

Power-walk. Run. Play sports. Walk your dog – find a friend and borrow their dog. Whatever works for you. I love power-walking with my iPod. Sweat and tunes. Doesn’t get better than that.


  1. Get back to nature.

This ties in with exercise, but there’s nothing like time with Mother Nature to give you some fresh perspective. Get out of your head. And back down to earth.

We’ve only got 24 hours every day.

We can’t buy more time.

But we can make the most of the time we’re given.

Creativity takes energy. If you want to fuel your creativity, you’ll need the energy.

So find and practice healthy habits that work for you.

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